Is Poverty our Destiny

Our society is engulfed with dire glaring issues like poverty, illiteracy, hunger and discrimination. Every day our society faces issues of women’s safety, children’s inability to exercise their right to education, inefficiency in keeping the city clean, and the inability of the masses to earn a sustainable livelihood.

In 2001 Akhuwat was created to alleviate the problems in our society, to help improve the lives of the marginalized without discriminating against age, gender, or religion. As a registered NGO Akhuwat’s total disbursement has now increased to Rs 7.4 billion facilitating over 8.5 lac families in 16 years.

Akhuwat’s primary goal is to work towards alleviating poverty. The aim is to unite as many like-minded individuals as possible towards the mission and bring about change in society. The NGO will face these concerns head-on and find likeable solutions for the betterment of society. Poverty, after all is not anyone’s destiny and even the smallest of efforts can go a long way.

How important is one rupee?
The rupee has devalued considerably due to inflation. Thus, lessening in value for most and leading us towards an era where everything is expensive.

This very one Rupee which has lost its value can collectively become huge amounts and provide individuals and communities with interest free loans for small businesses, so that they may acquire a livelihood and move towards self-empowerment.

Akhuwat’s campaign for ‘Change’
Share a little from your blessings every day.

Akhuwat has started a One-Rupee a Day campaign to facilitate smooth and proper running of interest free loans. Daily aid of one-rupee will make Rs.365 in a year. The participation of 250 thousand people in this campaign for a year can help around 1825 families to acquire a loan of Rs.50,000 each and help them move towards earning a sustainable livelihood.  Initially, the campaign will begin in Karachi and Lahore and in the next couple of months move towards other cities covering the whole country.


Companies can contribute by introducing the One Rupee a Day campaign to its employees. As most working individuals donate a little everyday whether to a charity, local religious place or to beggars that they see on the street. The aim is to encourage these employees to donate to an organization that works for a self-sustainable future for the under-privileged. Additionally, those organizations that support the cause of Akhuwat will be encouraged to match their employees’ donation, for a greater result. If each employee in your company makes their annual donation by donating Rs 365 from their month salary once a year, it can have an enormous impact.


Those who donate a rupee a day, totaling to Rs.365 a year will be given an option of direct debit from their account on a monthly (Rs.30), quarterly (Rs.120) or annual (Rs.365) basis.

Akhuwat on its part will update organizations and individual donors by sending them quarterly progress reports and invitations to all events and meet and greet opportunities with the beneficiaries.

This is an investment for the future of our nation

Funds generated through the One Rupee a Day campaign will go to the underprivileged individuals. These funds would be to promote entrepreneurial skills amongst people to create a self-sufficient environment and work towards alleviating poverty.

How to Donate:

Donations for a rupee a day can be made on the basis of 10 days Rs.(10), monthly Rs.(30), quarterly Rs.(120) or annually Rs.(365). If you are willing to donate more amount you can contact us for further assistance.

Donations can be directly deposited accordingly:

Online Donation:


Meezan Bank Limited
Title: Akhuwat
Account Number: 0222-03600000070
Bank Swift Code: MEZNPKKAXXX

Habib Bank Limited – Islamic Banking
Title: Akhuwat Donation Collection
Account Number: 50097900294955
Bank Swift Code: HABBPKKA007

Bank Al-Falah Limited – Islamic Banking
Title: Akhuwat
Account Number: 5000350785
Bank Swift Code: ALFHPKKA510
IBAN: PK43ALFH0510002002766801

Doorstep Collection:
Karachi: 03402597978
Lahore: 03486168498

Mobile Payment:


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