Saving in Millions with Vouch 365. Ready. Set. Vouch!

On the 11th of Feb an old and close friend of mine Nofil khan (Fame Kachi Goliyan Comic book), whom I have known since the last six years, messaged me on Facebook and asked if I knew about Vouch 365. I told him that I didn’t know about and asked him what it was, He told me to look it up online & asked for my address. Later he told me that this is a new business venture of Entertainer Asia..

On the 14th of feb on valentine day I received a gift hamper with Vouch 365 book at my office address, It was wonderfully & elegantly packed that all my colleagues began to asked me if it was a valentine gift.


I went through the book and get to know that they have buy one get one deals for more than 180 prestigious brands and claimed that by using their vouchers we can save 30lacs in a year. They offer vouchers in six categories namely food, beauty, travel, leisure & entertainment, health & fitness and retail & services. To redeem these vouchers, you will have to go through a simple procedure of activating this book from Vouch 365 website or 111-ivouch(486824)

The book is amazingly printed and well designed. It has different kind of vouchers and every voucher has a QR Code. You can take the vouchers you want to use to the respective brand, The brand representative will scan the QR code of the voucher with this tablet and after entering 7 digit code you can enjoy the Buy one Get one deal.

I also get to know that they also have a Mobile App that you can download from any app store, This app is a free download and allows you to search all the outlets listed in your book at the push of a button and discover vouch outlets by location and name.

I recommend all of you to buy this as it will benefit you and I wish the best of luck to the Vouch 365 team. They are doing a great and inspiring job indeed.


About Abid Beli

My name is Abid Beli, Started professional career from Pakistan's first cyber cafe (Skynet Communication 1997) in Karachi then Pakistan's first online shopping portal ( 2001), Pakistan's first online lunch service (Sadia's kitchen 2009), Pakistan's first WebTV (247online.TV 2011), Made World record of most people singing National Anthem at one place in 2011. Developed Matching Algorithm software Mmatcher and sold it to Srilankan Telco Company 'Dialog Axiata' in 2012, Started a company 'Madjoint Studios' in 2013 with a goal to start 100 startups and handover it to aspiring entrepreneurs with 60% share as Co-founder. Till now ALHAMDULLILAH 24 Started including 'Deliverywalay' 'Brandedmsg' ''DailyEvents', "YouthPlugged" etc. You guys can see my all startups on Last year started Asia's first Smartphone film making company 'iSmartfilms' and did Asia's first Smartphone film festival in Dec 2015. Recently started Trade business from China to Pakistan with registered office in Shanghai & Karachi, Working as communication manager at Kiran Foundation and also joined Akhuwat Foundation as Project Consultant for Sindh Region.

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