My mantra of life is “When life puts you in tough situations, don't say WHY ME. Just say TRY ME

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This is me

From a young age, I didn’t feel like my family business was where i wanted to see myself in the future. Therefore, in 1993 i started my journey as an entrepreneur who aimed to widen the spectrum of Startups and businesses. Throughout my journey, I have worked in different sectors including, eCommerce, IT, media, agriculture, logistics, supply chain, and politics. I have also worked as a social activist, trainer, conducting many training sessions regarding entrepreneurship for college and university students based in cities and villages all over Pakistan, I participated in Election 2018 as an independent Pakistani Politician. I have initiated many projects and business concepts that had not been initiated before and were one of their kind. 

Abid Beli Made
World Record for the most people singing the National Anthem at one place in 2011.

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Started Pakistan's 1st & World's 22nd
company in 2001

Organized Asia's First Smartphone Film Festival in 2015



Got an Award from Who’s Who Pakistan in 2018.

Got the SATHA Innovation Award by SATHA in 2017.