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My Interviews & Sessions

Express Tribue

Leadership Conference

ICE placed all efforts together to present a successful conference yet again! ICE organizes ELC 2 at the IoBM Auditorium featuring people who motivated, groomed and excited the young students and shared their experiences. The speakers included the famous names of Iqrar ul Hassan – host Sar-e-aam, Jibran Nasir – social activist, Abid Beli and Amin Nasrullah both great entrepreneurs who shed light on the students and left them to excited to get up and start doing!

Aurora Dawn

Lyari lunchboxes is the beginning of an initiative aimed at changing the lives of the people of Lyari.

Overcoming Barriers

Iqra University Placement Department organized a panel discussion session on “Overcoming Barriers” that expounded various challenges and barriers that hamper the way to success.

Faizan Laghari, its back – abid beli speaks up! exclusive interview

Weekly Corporate Ambassador

KARACHI: Ebusiness and Ecommerce is growing at a fast pace in Pakistan said speakers at the Ebuzz conference held at DHA Suffa University. The two day conference hosted by students was held on 15th and 16th April. Rehan Allahwala, Saad Jangda, Faisal Kapadia, Abid Beli, Fahim-Uz-Zaman, and Raheel Nabi.

The Nation

The students of Public Relations and Event Management organized a career counseling and development session at Institute of Business Management. The theme of this session was “Discover Success: It’s never too late” The aim of the event was to present success stories of the corporate world to motivate students, create awareness about entrepreneurship and counsel them with regard to the challenges expected as they embark on their careers.

The guest speakers invited into the session were: Abid Beli (E-commerce consultant), Osama Qazi (CEO Lush), Hussain Ali Talib (Manager Corporate Affairs Unilever Pakistan), Waqar Bukhari (Adamjee Insurance ) and Nadia Hussain(fashion model).


Pakistan Receives Guinness World Record as Birthday Present

Hamari Web

Karachi kay Masail | Green Line Bus Karachi 2021 | Abid Beli Interview | Karachi Issues

Fail Fest 2.0 #interview of Mr. Abid Beli by The Wandering Dervish

Bhai Speaks

Breaking a record for Pak sar zameen, What will Pakistan achieve by breaking the record of singing the national anthem? A step towards unity.

PNY Training

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