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Current Businesses


AI Automation & Digital Agency


With a firm belief in the transformative potential of youth, Wepronex is a youth empowerment-driven AI Automation & digital agency. We invest in our workforce so we are better positioned to provide the finest digital services to our customers.

Digital transformation is not just about keeping up with the times – it's about embracing the limitless potential of technology to create a better future for all. That's why we're on a mission to help businesses of all sizes harness the power of digital innovation to unlock their full potential.

It’s not just about the work we do – it's about the impact we make. We're driven by a vision of a world where digital innovation empowers people and businesses to achieve their dreams, and we're committed to doing our part to make that vision a reality.

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Real Estate Marketing


Abid is known for his integrity and work ethic and is respected by his colleagues in the industry. He is known for his attention to detail, fairness, as well as his keen negotiating skills on behalf of his clients. Abid has a unique blend of skills, knowledge, professional relationships, and experiences that sets him apart in the industry.

Our client roster includes award-winning actors, entertainment industry executives, renowned artists, foreign investors, and other high-net-worth individuals. Abid's creativity, financial acumen, and work ethic have been instrumental in achieving multiple jaw-dropping accomplishments.

At our company, we understand that every area has its own unique location and lifestyle. Therefore, we strive to provide the highest standard of service with knowledge, passion, discretion, and integrity as the undercurrents of our business."


Provide the best way to buy and sell a property. Period


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Dare to Dream. Dare to Work More. At Work More, we believe big dreams need bold action. Our vibrant community inspires you to set ambitious goals, then fuels your hustle with the perfect environment to turn them into reality.

Work More is a shared co-working environment.Strategically located in the heart of Karachi, we offer state-of-the-art facilities designed to spark creativity, accelerate your business, and connect you with a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

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iSmartfilms, Asia's first & World's ninth smartphone film making company was created by Abid Beli in 2015 with the goal to discover, encourage and accompany the talents of the world to share the stories they have captured on mobile devices and to provide smartphone filmmakers with a platform to exhibit these stories to a wider audience.

Join the team of Thriving Space and work along with the like-minded innovative and creative business ideas in an atmosphere specifically designed to grow your ideas into a long term business model.


We are committed to a democratization of cinema, supporting the use of the smartphone as an alternative means for an idea of quality to end on the screen & helping the next generation grow, develop, and acquire new skills

Professional Summary

My name is Abid Beli & my mantra of life is “When life puts you in tough situations, don't say WHY ME. Just say TRY ME

From a young age, Abid knew that he wanted to pursue a career outside of his family business and embarked on his journey as an entrepreneur in 1993. He has since worked in eCommerce, IT, media, agriculture, logistics, supply chain, and politics, and has even participated in politics as an independent Pakistani politician. Abid is also a social activist and trainer, conducting many training sessions on entrepreneurship for college and university students in cities and villages all over Pakistan.

All Projects

My entrepreneurial journey going on with these initiatives:


1- Pakistan's first cybercafe (Skynet Communication 1997) in Karachi.

2- Pakistan's first bill payment services in 1999.

3- Pakistan's first & world's 22nd online shopping portal ( 2001). I sold the Company in 2010.

4- Pakistan’s first SMS Base 13 episode’s GameShow “Beliscity GameOnHai” which was telecasted on PlayTV in 2007

5- Got Dubai's first dotcom company license " LLC" in 2007

6- Pakistan's first deals website "" in 2008

7- Pakistan's first online lunch service (Sadia's kitchen 2009). The idea reached a wide audience and I was approached by a Srilankan non-profit organization who took online training from me for three days.

8- Pakistan's first WebTV (247online.TV 2011) in which I carried out a show called “sarak ka sach”


9- Developed Matching Algorithm software Mmatcher, Started in Pakistan with Warid & Zong With the name, Warid Tijarat & Zmart, after a year sold it to Srilanka's Telco Company 'Dialog Axiata' in 2012.


10- In 2013 I started a company 'Madjoint Studios' with a goal to start 100 startups and hand them over to Aspiring entrepreneurs with 70% share as Cofounders. I initiated 24 Startups but Due to a lack of funding, I had to close down these companies.

11- Initiated a project called Tharvera in 2013 where aloe Vera plants were planted with local Farmers in Viklocar Village in Thar. The aim was to sell the extractions from the plants locally and internationally.

12- In 2014 I initiated a project by the name MovingAdz that consisted of a rickshaw Advertisement concept first time in Pakistan.

13- In 2014 I started Deliverywlay with a vision to Create a pervasive physical network where connections are simpler, more powerful, affordable, global, and available to all. We will connect every part of Pakistan to the mainstream in urban areas and major towns through our DWP program's extensive logistics network making a significant difference to the livelihood and commerce. From December 2014 till November 2019 I ran it and launched many significant projects, including SIM Verification at the doorstep in 2015 & MotorBike Taxi in 2015. At the time of closure of this company, we were serving more than 2300 vendors and delivered 80000 consignments to 1630 locations in Pakistan.


14- Pakistan's first motorbike taxi service in 2015.


15- Pakistan's First Smartphone Film Making Company, iSmartFilms.


16- Organized Asia's first Smartphone Film Festival "Pocket Cinema Film Festival" in 2015.




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E-commerce    Brand Development    Entrepreneurship      Social Entrepreneurship    Marketing Strategy    
Product Development     Business Strategy      Consultant    
Product Marketing    Real Estate    Mentoring    Leadership     
Team Building    Team Leadership    Startup Consulting    
Youth Entrepreneurship 


Worked With

I advise companies & NGOs in initiatives & campaigns

In 2008, I initiated several social campaigns. My team Reported negative videos and images regarding Pakistan that had been published on Google and YouTube and once they were taken down, our team published positive videos and images regarding the country. Due to this campaign, many political parties such as MQM, PTI, and AML Sheikh Rasheed approached me to build their social media strategy.

We started an initiative in 2009 in which from the 1st of august people had to put the Pakistani flag on their Facebook display pictures. For this purpose, we developed a portal where people upload their Pictures and they were customized with the Pakistani flag. As a result of this initiative, more than 25,000 People put the Pakistani flag in their display pics including foreigners.

Furthermore, in 2010, we started an SMS based project called “Green news” in which we sent out Positive news related to Pakistan to our subscribers on a daily basis.


Where I initiated a project by the name “One rupee a day” through which we collected 2 million rupees worth of donations. We got 18 sessions conducted in 18 different universities over a period of one week for Dr. Amjab Saqib. We also made clubs in different colleges and universities by the name of "Friends of Akhuwat" which consisted of youngsters from these institutions. We then launched a youth cloth bank where all the students gathered clothes for the underprivileged. Brought TELENOR on board with their Mobile app & Easypaisa shops for One Rupee a day campaign collection. 

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Politics    Problem Solving    Entrepreneurship      Technology 
   Real Estate      

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