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Initiate Your Business in Indonesia

Embarking on the journey of starting or expanding a business in Indonesia may seem daunting due to its complexity and time-consuming procedures. However, we simplify this process for you by providing expert consultation services. Launch your business confidently with our effective support.

​Commencing or expanding a business in Indonesia involves navigating a labyrinthine and time-intensive procedure. We streamline this journey by delivering impactful consulting services, ensuring your business launch is conducted with assurance.


Company Registration Services

Our consultants provide insights to help you understand local laws and regulations to successfully establish your local (PT PMDN) or foreign-owned (PT PMA) business in Indonesia promptly.

Understanding Business Licenses

We provide comprehensive consultation on the documents and permits that companies may need to obtain to do business, e.g. BPOM, PSE, etc.

Why choose us

Understanding Immigration Processes

Navigating immigration procedures can be a complex task. We provide expert advice to help make the process more understandable and transparent.

Tax Accounting & Legal Services

Our services streamline tax for Indonesian businesses, ensuring compliance with local financial regulations Our legal team provides consultation on the complexities of laws and regulations. With our experts in the Indonesian legal system, we are ready to assist.

Industry Expertise

Our experienced team has successfully helped countless startups and entrepreneurs across various industries.

​Dedicated Support

Our dedicated account managers ensure a smooth process from start to finish and remain available for any questions or concerns.

Personalized Solutions

We provide tailored recommendations and guidance to match your specific business needs and objectives.

Competitive Pricing

Our transparent and competitive pricing structure ensures you receive maximum value without any hidden fees.

Ready to simplify your company incorporation journey?
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