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A campaign against Evil Media houses so they ends up in mass losses.

In todays world of technology, how can the patriots alienate the Evil Media houses so they ends up in mass losses.

1. If you have any Social Network account (facebook, twitter, youtube, etc) - the ones which monetise their accounts - be sure to unfollow their pages, unsubscribe to their news feeds, unfriend the person belongs to those Media Houses.

2. If you have a paper newspaper subscription, unsubscribe it immediately.

3. If you have an email subscription to their news feeds, unsubscribe it immediately.

4. If you are visiting their websites, stop visiting their sites, delete your local browser cookies

5. Put pressure on your cable operators to either block these news channels or put them to very low priority

6. Don't watch their news channel. Tv channels make millions on daily basis out of the ads or the amount of time they get the viewership.

If tv channels are censoring PTI jalsaas, then hit them back where it hurts them the most. Bycott all Media Houses.

Media Houses, Beaurocracy, Judiciary, Policing has reached a level of sanity. If they have accepted RAPIST, LOOTERS, OBSCONDERS, MAFIAAS, MURDERERS as the nation's rulers they are equally to be blamed for these crises.

We must not give them easy time. Take one entity at a time and let's all bycott these rascals, these bastards who have no empathy in seeing what Pakistan has got into.


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