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Ask your self! who should lead Pakistan?


Let's try to open our eyes! Analyze and ask your Conscience to answer the following Questions, especially In the Context of PM IK saying Absolutely No to the US wish of having Bases in Pakistan?

Q1. Why Ambassador of the USA should meet judges of LHC? Judges have NO Diplomatic Roles.

Q2. Why US Ambassador should meet Shahbaz, Hamza, Yusuf Raza Gilani, Pervaiz, and Moonis Ellahi when Joe Biden is not willing to speak to the PM of Pakistan

Q3. Don't you know the History of the USA? She works with corrupt and sellable leadership to keep the countries subservient.

Q4. Why did Zardari, Shahbaz, Bilawal, Fazal Ur Rehman Pervaiz Ellahi meet and talked to move Vote of No-confidence against IK on a day when PM was flying to Russia on his Historic visit as Pakistan is Re-orienting its Strategic Direction towards East from West.

Q5. Don't you know the USA has a strategic Alliance with India?

Q6. Don't you know for how many times the USA has used Pakistan and after use, has thrown us away like Tissue Paper?

Q7. Don't you know what are advantages of CPEC and RPEC are for Pakistan and who is trying to force Pakistan to abandon them?

Q8. Don't you know who wants to disrepute the Armed Forces of Pakistan and force Pakistan to abandon its Nuclear Weapons?

Q9. Don't you know that hike in Oil Prices has international reasons and it is not making of Present Government of Pakistan?

Please answer the above questions and ask yourself! who should lead Pakistan in this time of changing environments when NEW World Order is Emerging and Pakistan is re-orienting its Strategic Direction and Top on it When Through CPEC and RPEC, Pakistan is likely to emerge as a Pivot for its own Economic Prosperity and for the prosperity of entire Region.



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