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PTI / Prime Minister Imran Khan's Achievements • with links

PTI / Prime Minister Imran Khan's Achievements • with links

⦿ Sehat Sahulat Card

⦿ Ehsaas Program

⦿ Pakistan Citizen Portal

⦿ Ten Billion Tree Tsunami

⦿ NCOC COVID Response

⦿ Locust Attack Handled

⦿ Free floated currency

⦿ Legislated government must not meet deficit by simply printing money (HUGE)

⦿ Created a record 5.5 million jobs in 3 years

⦿ Negotiated away a $1 billion fine on Karkay Rental Power Plant

⦿ Negotiated away $11 billion penalties on Reko Diq Copper Mine case, instead, Pakistan will now RECEIVE $10 billion investment

⦿ Renegotiated the Qatar LNG deal, saving Pakistan $3 billion over 10 years, the new deal was 31% cheaper than what PMLN had negotiated

⦿ Renegotiated terms with IPPs to save Pakistan Rs836 billion over 10 years

⦿ Instituted reforms in civil and criminal law and brought them to the 21st century

⦿ Produced record harvests of cotton

⦿ Produced record harvests of wheat

⦿ Produced record harvests of sugarcane

⦿ Produced record harvests of potato

⦿ On track to plant forty million olive trees to position Pakistan as a major producer in the coming years

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⦿ Exports are on target to hit $50Bn by end of his tenure. $35Bn this year

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⦿ Foreign Exchange reserves at a record high - $24Bn

⦿ The highest share of capacity-enhancing capital goods in imports

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⦿ Reduced Current Account Deficit to 2.5% of GDP

⦿ Increased tax revenue (on target for Rs6T this year), on target to increase tax as % of GDP from 10% to 16% by 2024

⦿ Achieved Primary Surplus

⦿ Regularized remittance flow - highest remittances received. Roshan Digital Accounts

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⦿ Achieved stable GDP growth rate of 5.7% for FY2021 and now headed towards 5.5% for FY2022

⦿ Reduced debt-to-GDP in a year where the same metric for most others has deteriorated 10%-35%

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⦿ Reduced Net Losses of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) by 50%!

⦿ Has started the construction of 10 large dams that will see completion beyond his present tenure

⦿ On track to build 6000 km+ of national highways during present tenure (more than any previous government)

⦿ On track to build these roads at half the cost per KM achieved under PMLN!

⦿ Restarted the build-out of Karachi Circular Railway (KCR)

⦿ On track to indigenize cellphone manufacturing - 82% of cellphones are now at least assembled within the country. Was less than 1% when PTI came into power

⦿ Establishment of ten SEZ (Special Economic Zones) in Punjab alone near completion

⦿ Improved transmission capacity to 26,000 MW from 16,000 MW

⦿ Improved recoveries on electricity bills to 97.3% from 88%

⦿ Introduced Pakistan's first truly integrated electricity capacity enhancement plan, also called Indicative Generation Capacity Expansion Plan (IGCEP) 2021-30 - which prioritizes indigenous, low-cost, and green sources of electricity generation, whilst also making sure there

..are adequate measures in place for evacuation/transmission and billing/recovery

⦿ Introduced the first Single National Curriculum

⦿ Projected to reduce the incidence of extreme poverty to 4% of the population by 2023 (WB estimate)

⦿ Held the first truly representative local elections


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