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Today's inventory 11th Feb 20201

*Today's Inventory*

P10Avilla, Villa 1007 brandnew, With key @165Lacs

P10Avilla Villa 1544 brandnew, With key @175Lacs

P10Avilla Villa 541 brandnew, With key @175Lacs

P10Avilla Villa 92 brandnew, With key, Road 5, @165Lacs

P10a Villa Gallery Facing brand new with key @180Lacs

Tower C Inner 9th Floor @65Lacs


P6 300 Series Dead & Corner @78Lacs

P6 787 @63Lacs

P10B, Plot 95-B, Road Exempt, @31lacs

P10B, Plot 357-H, Corner & Road Paid, Pu not paid, @33Lacs

P11A Villa No 230Series Brand new with key @163Lacs

P11b 500 Series Westopen All Paid @31.50Lacs

Ali Block 3800 Series All Paid @46.30Lacs

P15a 3 Digit @21.75lacs

P16 250sq, Plot # 1180 series, Paid, @58Lacs

P24 500 Series @16.50Lacs

P25 600 Series @17.50Lacs

P27 1000 Series Jinnah Face @32.50Lacs

P27 Villa Brand new with key @148.50Lacs

P27 1450 Series Westopen Nearest to Villa @32Lacs

P29 400 Series Safe Plot @54Lacs

Bahria Hills, 500 sq yrds, Plot #649, Road 05, Boulevard category @145lacs


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