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Today's inventory in Bahria Town Karachi 6.3.2021

Precinct 4, 220 Series, all paid, park face, 500 squads, @148Lacs

Precinct 6, #1500 series, all paid, @80Lacs

Precinct 6, #1310 series, Non paid, @70Lacs

Precinct 6 #930 Series, all paid, @75Lacs

Precinct 8, #1500 series, Corner, allotment in hand, @114Lacs

Precinct 10B 717 Non Paid @29.75Lacs

Precinct 10B, Plot # 896, Non Paid, @32Lacs

Precinct 10B, #1 Digit Plot, Allotment in hand, @36Lacs

Precinct 11A 200 Villa 290 series @175Lacs

Precinct 11a 200 Villa loop road Green belt facing Grill works also done @176Lacs

Precinct 11B, #600 series, Jori, @70Lacs

Precinct 11B, #802 , P+U paid, @35.75Lacs

Precinct 12 Ali Block, #1600 series, all paid, @53Lacs

Precinct 12, #2300 Series, Rd1, Park face, Near Mosque, Commercial, Sports Center, @66.50Lacs

Precinct 12, #3800 Series, near to park, @52Lacs

Precinct 12, #4568, allotment in hand, @47Lacs

Precinct 14, 500 series, PU paid, 7yd extra Land paid, allotment in hand, @47Lacs

Precinct 15a Semi corner 2700 series @27.75Lacs

Precinct 15B 1300 Series 60 Ft @22.25Lacs

Precinct 16, Residential 250 Square Yard, Plot-1299, Street 51, @65lacsLacs

Precinct 23 1710 Series Onground Non Paid @16.70Lacs

Precinct 25A 3123 @14.50Lacs

Precinct 27 Villa Back 2 Plot Same Street Non Paid @26.90Lacs

Precinct 29 plot 448 @63.50Lacs

Precinct 30, Plot # 1581, West Open, Near Parks, Non Paid, @44Lacs

Precinct 30 : 3225 non Paid @43Lacs

Precinct 30 : 1382 All Paid @56Lacs

Precinct-30, 250Sq Yards, 1900 Series, West open Plot, Non Paid, @35Lacs

Precinct 33 St 95 Close Piece @55.50Lacs

Precinct 10A Villas, #1500 series Villa, @180Lacs

Precinct 10A #1 Digit Villa, @181Lacs

Precinct 10A #700 Series Villa, @173Lacs

Precinct 10A, 125 sq yrds Commercial Plot Plot# 50 to 60 (in between), Street# Commercial Lane 02, @125lacs

Bahria Hills, St 16, Two digit plot, PU paid, Extra Land 56 SaysSqyd Not paid, @114Lacs

Tower G inner 4th Floor @74.50Lacs

Tower A 9th floor Outer @82.50Lacs

Tower B Inner @71.50Lacs

Tower 11 5th floor apartment brand new with key Untouch outer facing Apartment @76.25Lacs

Book your dream apartment, office, Ground floor showrooms with basement in our projects which are under construction or digging soon, Within 4km from the entrance, Price starts from 8000 per sqft to 30000 per sqft.

Do let me know if you have any interest to invest in this inventory or want to sell something in bahria town Karachi.


Abid Beli l 03316204942 l


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